It's Me, Matthew! It's Me, Matthew!

It's Me Matthew

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"Ferreira makes skillful use of the flashback technique." by: Cliff Bellam, The Herald Sun

"At Anthology Film Archives. Michael Musto's performance as a detached therapist was a particular hit with the audience." - HX Magazine

What People Are Saying!

"A must see. Michael Musto brings legendary drama to the role of predatory psychiatrist, and nails it! Michael Ferreira disappears expertly into his dual roles!" - Jesse Archer, Writer for Out Magazine

"It's Me, Matthew! is a riveting story that illustrates some serious repercussions of child abuse. While it's a sad story, it's one that needs to be told–and viewed by as many people as possible." - Daylle Deanna Schwartz, author of 9 books, including Straight Talk with Gay Guys and Nice Girls Can Finish First.

Michael Ferreira manages to do what most can not…in a mere 15 minutes, he captures you. The story, actors, production quality and writing leave you wanting more. This in-depth story is something that we should all see at this crucial time. It's Me, Matthew! is a brilliant capsule of emotion and raw energy. I long to see this as a feature film! - Traci Godfrey, Screen Actors Guild LGBT Actors National Committee President & Actress

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