It's Me, Matthew! It's Me, Matthew!

Young Matthew It's Me, Matthew! is a psychological drama, based on a true story, which leaps out at the audience in a powerful way. Running 15 minutes, this short film deals with the notion that in our adult lives we may subconsciously follow patterns from our childhood.

The story centers on the title character (played both by Eric Wilke and Michael Ferreira) trying to understand why he's drawn into the personal relationships he's had, and why he struggles so hard to make them work. With the help of his skilled therapist (played by the renowned Michael Musto), and a difficult look at his past, Matthew is set on a new path towards enlightenment after several domino-effect revelations about his life.

In the end, it's Matthew's inner strength combined with his tongue-in-cheek attitude which will prove to be his greatest assets.